No amount of artistic ability can mask a starving artist. It’s business stradegy in conjunction with brilliant skills that lead to a successful career in makeup!
— Sarah Dorsey


I love cat eyed glasses and I own several vintage frames! I wear very little makeup myself and am known for my light delicate touch. I approach both life and work with enthusiasm, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing an artist fall in love with his or her career. I know being mentored and being a mentor have been critical to my professional success. I developed this course for others like me! I get it! The lab is a safe space where you come as you are, learn, and move your business forward!

For over 30 years I’ve been snorting when I laugh! Its 100% out of my control and it always makes people feel comfortable around me. I have been helping people look and feel beautiful in front of the camera using my energy and makeup wizardry since before social media! With a background in Film and Entertainment I have a thorough understanding of the industry and know what it takes to champion a client’s dearest needs.

Whether you’re working as a freelance artist, salon owner, or employee I can help you grow your business! I focus on sustainably, passion, and work life balance. I certainly didn’t learn any of the business skills I teach while I was attending Makeup School! In fact my methodology and integrative learning approach is unique and only found here at the Makeup Makers Lab!